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For over 20 years, Northern Illinois Water Works in Sycamore Illinois has been striving to provide clear, easy-to-understand solutions that work.

We do this with a quality Hellenbrand product line, and with our factory trained service technicians.   Whether you are in Geneva, St. Charles, Batavia, Belvidere, or any of the many other surrounding areas that we service, we specialize in all types of water treatment options, including soft water (water softeners), iron filters (Hellenbrand Iron Curtain system), sulfur filters, drinking water systems (reverse osmosis) and are happy to help you find the one that suits your needs best.

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Below are several common water problems in Northern Illinois. Many customers have more than one.

Whether you are on a well or have municipal water, no water supply is created equal.

If your concern is a contaminant in your water, such as pharmaceuticals or lead, or if you have more general issues such as iron, odor, bacteria or hard water - we are able to test and determine what the problem is exactly, and what product would best solve the issue.

We are happy to provide FREE onsite water testing. If you have multiple issues, or require more thorough testing, we also partner with several off-site certified labs that can produce more detailed results. With these results we can tailor a system for your specific needs. We know the value of a quality product that works and lasts many years and how it can bring peace of mind to a busy homeowner.

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