IMAG1424George C. Cies grew up in the Hinckley/Waterman area and has resided in DeKalb for over 30 years.

George has a long history of experience in this type of business, starting back when he was in high school working for his father’s business that sold municipal water treatment chemicals and equipment. From there he spent the next 24 years working in wholesale and retail water treatment/filtration. He started out in the business doing everything from delivering water and salt, to working as a service technician, and then moving into sales until he finally was able to go out on his own (with his partner) to start up their own company.

202The bottled water division of the business began 8 years (1988) prior to Northern Illinois Water Works taking it over in 1996. In 1996 they joined the business with a partner, bringing the water treatment and conditioning division into the business. In 1999 he purchased the entire company from his partner.  In August of 2017, George sold off the bottled water delivery and cooler rental division of the company to a company called Century Springs. Northern Illinois Water Works continues to sell Century Springs water from their Oakland Drive location, but has transitioned out of delivery and rentals.  George believes that the future of drinking water is in bottle-less and reverse osmosis types of systems, including whole house reverse osmosis systems, which provide many healthy benefits.  Some of the benefits are no heavy bottles, no delivery hassles, and clean, filtered water that is always available on demand! For these reasons and more, George felt the need to shift the focus of Northern Illinois Water Works to providing these benefits to his customers.  

Northern Illinois Water Works is still providing expanded services for their customers including a convenient bottled water and solar salt drive up loading zone, and a coffee bar sampling station inside their location.  You can find them at 2155 Oakland Drive, just down the road from Ollie’s and right behind Hyvee.

Today the business services DeKalb, Kane, Ogle and LaSalle Counties and with the help of their employees, they continue to grow the business in all of these areas.

logo-hellenbrand-greenOne of the things that makes Northern Illinois Water Works stand out from other companies is that 100% of the water treatment equipment is American Made. Hellenbrand Inc. has a water lab onsite. Along with Northern Illinois Water Works own onsite in-home testing, they can also send water samples to the Hellenbrand lab to be analyzed and have a water treatment system designed by their engineering staff to meet the customer’s specific needs.

If you ask George what the secret to his success is, his response is simply,

“Choosing the right vendors– Hellenbrand Inc. is one of the most respected companies in their industries. Without quality products, you are not different from anybody else”.

Asked what his main philosophy is, George says,

“Not everyone wants the same things so; it is my philosophy to specifically ask the customer what their expectations and needs are in regard to their tap water so that we can best fulfill those needs and expectations”.

“When it comes to water treatment equipment “one size does not fit all”– especially when it comes to having well water”. 

Northern Illinois Water Works
2155 Oakland Dr., Sycamore, IL 60178 815.899.4433
An Authorized Hellenbrand Dealer