You know the story. You are having the holiday dinner and your whole family is coming. Everything needs to be perfect. You open the freezer to get ice for your water glasses only to be disappointed as you find that your ice cubes are cloudy or have a funny taste.

Have you ever wondered why ice cubes appear to be cloudy after you take them out of the freezer? The answer is simple: Water purity. Even if you pour yourself a glass of water and it looks beautifully clear and clean, it’s what you can’t see that makes your ice cubes different. There are very tiny minerals and sediment that are harmless (most of the time, unless you have to boil your water). The minerals and sediment are difficult to see with the naked eye when water is in its liquid form. However, these minerals and sediment are the reasons for the cloudy look in your ice cubes. If the impurity is high, you can also have a “funny taste” to your ice cubes as well.

Things freeze from the outside in first. Water that is free of minerals and impurities freezes first. As that water freezes, entrapped air and minerals are moved out of the freezing ice cube, toward the unfrozen center. Eventually the trapped air and minerals becomes frozen water with air bubbles which looks like cloudy ice cubes. Learn more about this at .

Ice cubes will be clear if there are a very low amount of impurities in the water. Having a reverse osmosis drinking water system ( )can you give you the pure water and ice cubes that you can’t get with unfiltered water. If you are hosting any holiday dinners or gatherings, why not say good-bye to cloudy or funny tasting ice cubes, call us and learn more–815-899-4433.

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